Team Information

Nebo Gymnastics has a long history of success at both local and national level competitions.


We know that while gymnastics is a sport with clear expectations at each level of competition, an individual gymnasts pathway to their goals is unique. Competition is a valuable tool if used properly to help
gymnasts achieve their goals. Because of this we have been able to help thousands of gymnasts compete successfully, including many Division 1 Collegiate Scholarships.


Our philosophy toward competitive teams involves highly specific skill training, proper time management, and safety first always. We know that if trained properly gymnasts can be competitive and still be able to have a well rounded lifestyle. We believe our long history of top competitors inside and outside of the state speaks for itself.

We train competitively at all women’s USAG Development Program levels (levels 3-10). If you are interested in our competitive gymnastics teams please reach out on this form or call Rich or Taisha at (801) 423-2898.